Friday, February 6, 2009

Nurin 1st Follow Up

10/1/09 – Appointment pukul 11.40am, as usual my turn is at 12.30pm.. we bring Nurin's X-ray.. then we read the report.. but we can't really understand on the report..

Masa jumpa doc. Dia xplain yg during MRI they found out that Nurin has Horse Kidney.. what does it meant.. the both kidney are joint.. dia ckp actually kita nak tgk on duplex kidney, but seems we found something else.. my husband asked how is the percentage of child with this kidney.. he said that maybe 1 out or hundred thousand.. this very rare case like this.. he oso had no idea on this case.. he suggest that we seek opinion from Urology doctor… as there are expect on this area.. they might be other test like aerodynamic(not so sure the term) to check on the vein that goes to bladder.. operation is required as the upper kidney is partly damage.. my husband ask the cost of the operation.. it will cost around 10K.. this will not covered by ING or other insurance as it consider as kongenatif(born with it – semula jadi).. doc. Suggest to continue take antibiotic to resolve on infection.. to come back next week to know how the result after take the antibiotic.. hope that ureter will mengecut.. that is the target..

For duphalac I said that Nurin's cirit.. doc suggest to reduce to 5ml instead of 10ml.. I ask doc, is it must be cirit after take that medicine.. he said no, as the medicine is only help to lembutkan najis..

We set appointment at 10.50am.. doc bagi ubat Augmentin 2 bottles with krim Zink to apply at Nurin's private part.. merah giler.. sampai aku tgk pon takut.. start merah hari Jumaat..


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aju said... third son pun kena mcm Nurin..tah ai pun tak phm la...sama la cam Nurin kidney dia bentuk tapak kaki kuda...!!..
dpt d'tect masa buat urine test demam kuning,april ni my baby kena panggil balik tak tau la what the reason..that day doc kata "clear"..risau jugak nih...hope Nurin fine tuk buat all the treatment..