Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not Covered…

19th Jan 2009 – Monday

Nurse has made Nurin's appointment on DTTA (Adrenal Function) on 29th Jan 2009 at 10.00am.. 23rd Jan 2009, I've called ING to request a copy of GL for Nurin. Unfortunately, she said ING will not cover the test as they has received report from SJMC stated that Nurin has duplex kidney.. so, it consider conginitive which not be covered.. I really feel upset..:(

I've called SJMC to inquire cost for the test.. She said that it around RM550 exclude consultation from doctor.. I just said I'll confirmed whether I want to proceed with the test.. I informed my husband and he said that it is possible cost will be higher with additional cost incurred.. so, we decide to postpone the test…

Friday, February 6, 2009

Nurin 2nd Follow Up

17/1/09 – Arrived at 10.40am.. register then it's our turn.. so fast today.. doc said how is the progress.. we just said it same.. as we tried not wear diapers, but it still leaking.. doc advise we seek Urology doc.. he ask whether we want to see SJMC doc or other hospital.. we said we tried to get advise from SJMC doc first.. so he tried told Dato Dr Khairullah on Nurin case.. dia tanya nak jumpa bila? We said next week as I need to get GL from ING first..

I told doc. Nurin private part is still same.. more reddish.. I think that it's because of MCU.. maybe the liquid that they use.. as it start reddish after MCU treatment.. doc check and this is fungal.. so he gave another cream.. he check on Nurin's tummy.. dia ckp dah kurang najis.. he ask how is the najis.. I said that dah start keras.. so he suggest to continue give Duphalac..

Take photo with Doc. Zul…

Staff asked when are we going to make appointment with Dato.. he said today he is available.. I asked whether SJMC can request direct GL from ING.. She said I need to follow up at Registration Counter.. We manage to get GL today.. so we just proceed to meet Dato as we want to know what is his plan..

11.50am.. we go 3rd floor.. the nurse said doc went to ward.. wait for almost 30minutes..

12.20pm.. doc explain Nurin's situation.. now we are able to picture as he explain very clearly.. he said that Nurin got duplex kidney and the upper ureter is not direct attached bladder.. that is why leaking as the ureter is outside from bladder.. that why Nurin not feel leaking and she unable to control the urine.. Doc suggest to do Isotop test to test whether upper kidney is well function and to see the ureter function.. the procedure mostly like IVU.. need drip and do X-Ray.. no need to admit as there were only 1 test..

If the upper kidney is well function, it will not be remove but we need to tie up ureter from upper kidney.. or else upper kidney must be remove.. all this will cost around 6K – 8K.. will see the result then only discuss next action plan.. but seems Nurin's still need to do operation.. hope that we got a good result no operation required…


Nurin 1st Follow Up

10/1/09 – Appointment pukul 11.40am, as usual my turn is at 12.30pm.. we bring Nurin's X-ray.. then we read the report.. but we can't really understand on the report..

Masa jumpa doc. Dia xplain yg during MRI they found out that Nurin has Horse Kidney.. what does it meant.. the both kidney are joint.. dia ckp actually kita nak tgk on duplex kidney, but seems we found something else.. my husband asked how is the percentage of child with this kidney.. he said that maybe 1 out or hundred thousand.. this very rare case like this.. he oso had no idea on this case.. he suggest that we seek opinion from Urology doctor… as there are expect on this area.. they might be other test like aerodynamic(not so sure the term) to check on the vein that goes to bladder.. operation is required as the upper kidney is partly damage.. my husband ask the cost of the operation.. it will cost around 10K.. this will not covered by ING or other insurance as it consider as kongenatif(born with it – semula jadi).. doc. Suggest to continue take antibiotic to resolve on infection.. to come back next week to know how the result after take the antibiotic.. hope that ureter will mengecut.. that is the target..

For duphalac I said that Nurin's cirit.. doc suggest to reduce to 5ml instead of 10ml.. I ask doc, is it must be cirit after take that medicine.. he said no, as the medicine is only help to lembutkan najis..

We set appointment at 10.50am.. doc bagi ubat Augmentin 2 bottles with krim Zink to apply at Nurin's private part.. merah giler.. sampai aku tgk pon takut.. start merah hari Jumaat..